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National Government

Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit


The Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit 's mission is to propose, manage and control the economic policy of the Federal Government's financial , taxation , spending, income and public debt , in order to consolidate a country with quality economic growth , equitable , inclusive and sustainable , to strengthen the welfare of Mexicans.

Servicio de Administración Tributaria
Service tax administration


The Tax Administration Service (SAT ) is a decentralized agency of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit organ, which is responsible for applying the tax and customs legislation , in order that individuals and corporations contribute proportionately and equitably public spending ; to audit taxpayers to comply with tax and customs provisions; to facilitate and encourage voluntary compliance, and to generate and provide the necessary information for the design and evaluation of tax policy .

Chamber of Deputies


The Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress , simply called Chamber of Deputies is the lower house of Congress . It consists of representatives of the nation , which are 500 elected deputies in full every three years, each of which also elect an alternate. Its headquarters is the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro .



The Senate is the upper house of the General Congress of the United Mexican States . It consists of representatives of proportional representation.


Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación
Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation


The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation is the highest court of Mexico and head of the Judiciary of the Federation, and consists of eleven judges or magistrates , called ministers, one of whom is appointed as its president.


Consultoría Integral en Desarrollo Urbano
Integral Urban Development Consulting S.C.


Obtain from the competent authorities the legal documentation , that covers :

Permits and licenses ads and any other documents that are required in the  construction, adaptation , installation, operation of the facilities of our customers, according to the laws , regulations, sides regulations and any order established by the authorities for this purpose.

Notary Public 184, State of Mexico


Gustavo Fernández Sauri

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