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Energy Law

This practice focuses on offering our clients advice about the formulation, evaluation and structuring of energy projects, mainly in  the oil and electrical industries, in alignment with the legal and regulatory reforms put into place as a result of the Energy Reform.

Since the entry into force of the secondary laws and, in particular, the Hydrocarbon Law and its regulations, we have advised various clients ; especillay in regards to offering regulatory advice on the importation of hydrocarbons and oil products, designing tax planning schemes for the temporary importation of goods containing diesel and biodiesel, developing judicial strategies for the commercialization of hydrocarbons through the exportation of fuel oil, the importation of gasoline, and obtaining permits for service stations.

Our specialized attorneys work in each segment of the oil and gas value chain (upstream, midstream and downstream), so as to offer our customers valuable solutions grounded in the extensive professional experience of the Firm.
With respect to legal and regulatory reforms of the electrical industry, we are skilled advisors in the formulation and implementation of public and private projects according to said reforms. 

Accordingly, we readily consult regarding the management and resolution of conflicts arising all along the process of generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electrical energy (including renewable and clean energies), as well as in private contractual and government relations.


Additionally, we advise and support our clients in obtaining licenses and permits, tendering processes, drafting and management of contracts, as well as, anything related to the commercialization of inputs for the generation of electric power, its transmission and commercialization.

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