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CANIRAC, led by Germán González, obtained through the law firm CLG Abogados, whose founding partner is José Antonio Cuellar Labarthe, the definitive suspension against the Decree that reforms the Regulations of the General Law for Tobacco Control, which entered into force on January 15 of this year. 

From the very beginning, CANIRAC pointed out that the regulation exceeded its powers, exceeding the regulations established by the Law and asked for the protection of the courts to allow the affiliated restaurants to provide services for the consumption of food, beverages and entertainment in smoking-only areas, in accordance with the previous provisions of the smoking areas, prior to the entry into force of the challenged decree. 

Although originally the Fourteenth District Judge in Administrative Matters of Mexico City, denied both the provisional suspension as well as the definitive suspension, the Fourteenth Collegiate Court of Appeals of the First Circuit resolved to revoke the interlocutory judgment issued by the District Court (appealed), and also granted the definitive suspension to CANIRAC.

This means that the application of the reform is suspended for those affiliated restaurants that prove that they had authorization or operating license in order to provide food consumption services. Having to prove that their affiliation occurred prior to the filing of the lawsuit. 

With this suspension, CANIRAC, through the firm CLG Abogados, represents, 
and defends the general interests of the restaurant and seasoned food industry and of the companies that constitute it.
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