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Prevention of Money Laundering

For the due fulfillment, in compliance with the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Transactions with Funds from Illegal Sources, of identifying and reporting activities deemed to be vulnerable, and for the purpose of avoiding that institutions in the financial sector and the regulated entities and Gatekeepers be used in operations involving funds from illegal sources, CLG Abogados provides the following services:


  • Legal advice in measures, procedures, and identification of vulnerable activities for the prevention and detection of operations involving funds from illegal sources, identification of the client, knowledge of the client (Know Your Customer), as well as Enhanced Due Diligence.   


  • Preventive audits of compliance programs within the applicable normative framework of prevention, and the identification of areas of opportunity.


  • Organization and improvement of internal policies, procedures and structures.


  • Training of personnel responsible for the prevention of money laundering.


  • Drafting of manuals of procedures to prevent transactions with funds from illegal sources and reporting mechanisms.


  • Legal advice regarding compliance with applicable legal provisions.


  • Consulting and representation before the authorities responsible for supervising the fulfilment of said obligations (that is, the handling of information requirements, inspection visits and other methods of verification).


  • Development and submission of queries to the administrative authority responsible for interpreting applicable legal provisions for administrative ends (confirmation of criterion).










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